California Love

…knows how to party…Californiaaaaaaaaa…knows how to partyyy.

Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself. My love for Tupac’s California Love only increased after living in Los Angeles for two years.  One of my favorite, and most appropriate, lyrics from that song could be a tagline for the wedding I attended while there: “The state where ya never find a dance floor empty.” I digress. Let’s get to the pictures:

DSC_2301Fisherman’s Wharf


DSC_2313Hello San Francisco!

DSC_2316Crissy Park

DSC_2327The Golden Gate Bridge was truly beautiful!

DSC_2330 DSC_2336Views from the Golden Gate– much more stunning in person.

I spent a whirlwind 6 hours in San Francisco– clearly not enough (though we made a valiant effort). We signed up for what we thought was a leisurely bike tour across the Golden Gate Bridge.



What we thought would be a 4 mile ride, turned into a 16 mile ride to Sausalito and back. Oops. It was much harder than you might imagine a 16 mile bike ride would be (add wind, hills, the traffic on the bridge, etc), and we were pooped by the end. It also meant what we thought was a 2 hour bike ride was actually a 4 hour bike ride. So there went most of our site-seeing time. I was so unprepared for the situation that I failed to take any photos in Sausalito. I promise it was adorable, and I can’t wait to go back. I just can’t show you what it looked like.

It also happened to be Gay Pride weekend so there was more traffic (and more streets shut down) than usual. After the bike ride, and about 20 minutes of just sitting in the car trying to gather ourselves again, we headed to Twin Peaks, and then to meet some friends for dinner, but that was it. San Francisco, I will be back!




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