Oakland, California

Finishing up the Bay-area (California) trip is Oakland. This is was my base for most of my stay. We went for a nice little run around Lake Merritt (if we’re being totally honest, I walked at least half of it), ate delicious Ethiopian food, enjoyed Bloody Mary’s at brunch at Chop Bar, had some Bay-area coffee, visited a cemetery with a nice view, went to a rose garden, and explored the waterfront. I’ll let the pictures take over from here:

Oakland Views CollageAmerica loves bikes (Oakland Waterfront); Lake Merritt; Oakland Mountain View Cemetery; view of San Fran from the Bay Bridge

Oakland drinksBloody and Coffee house sign

Oakland FlowersRose garden flowers + ball of flowers from the waterfront

Waterfront collageWaterfront (You can see the San Francisco skyline in the background+ pretty boats)

One of my favorite things about traveling, whether you’re the one traveling or the one hosting a visitor, is that it gives you a chance to be a tourist. It makes it OK to see and do the things you might normally brush off. It also helps you enjoy the beauty of your surroundings. I’m so thankful for these opportunities– to have lived in so many places, to have seen so many things, to have so many friends to visit, and to still be so interested in seeing the rest of America, and the world.



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