How to maximize a weekened trip coast-to-coast

Beer Museum PHLSunset 1These photos have nothing to do with this post. Well, maybe they do. That bottle/beer collection is the “beer museum” in the Philadelphia airport. There are worse exhibits to spend time looking through when your flight is delayed. The other photo is a picture of the sunset from my apartment (#nofilter). I am the luckiest.

Quick and easy little tidbit:

Take the latest flight out from east to west. Take the red eye from west to east.

For example, on my recent trip to San Francisco, I left Philly at 8:40pm and arrived in San ran at 11:30pm. Does that mean my body thought it was 2:30am? Yes. Did it matter? No. Why? Because as soon as I saw MB’s face as she picked me up for the airport, I was too excited to care what time it was! Then, on the return trip, I got to have dinner with some of my west coast besties before I headed back east. I arrived back in Philly in time for work on Monday morning. I maximized friend time on the west coast AND minimized vacation days used. Win win!

Do you lose sleep this way? Yes!

Do you maximize your time in your destination? Yes!

Is it worth it?  I’ll let you decide.

But I vote yes.






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