5 on Friday: Life Lately

ONE: We’re headed down to Richmond this weekend and I get to see this girl’s sweet face again (p.s. that’s my hubs next to her, making his blog debut! I promise he normally doesn’t look that angry/annoyed.)

Favorites being sillyTWO: This happened this week. I don’t know if going to a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert makes me cool or old. But it was fun– and allowed for great people watching too! These are our friends N & J.(Sidenote to advertising folks: I’m not so sure many Skynyrd fans drive VWs. Just sayin’.)

J&N at concertTHREE: My sister didn’t know who Lynyrd Skynyrd was. I’m also super gullible so she was likely being sarcastic. But let’s pretend she was serious–I’m only 4 years older than she is, doesn’t everyone know Freebird!? Sweet Home Alabama!? Simple Man!? Also, she definitely thought Lynyrd Skynyrd was a man and not a band. (THREEa: They are, at this point, just a cover band considering most members were killed in a plane crash and the “surviving” member is a nephew of an original member (or something like that). Nevertheless, hearing Freebird live was worth every penny of my $20 ticket.)

Lynyrd Skynyrd

FOUR: Took in a Phillies game last weekend. I’m not a Phillies fan but baseball games are fun and the tickets were free. This view from our seats wasn’t too shabby either.

Phillies baseball

FIVE: There have been some awesome sunsets around the city lately (#nofilter)

Sunset at 30thHave a great weekend everyone!



p.s. These were all iphone pics. Back to nicer quality photos next week!

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