DSC_2168Happy birthday America! I wish we all could celebrate our birthdays with fireworks.DSC_2172Happy 4th of July!DSC_2177Boat ride for the architecture tour. A must do if you’re in town!DSC_2227The Bean. Touristy? Yes. Still fun? Definitely.DSC_2233My love and me at The Bean.DSC_2239I love hot dogs.DSC_2242Pretty flowers+awesome architecture.DSC_2256Navy Pier stop.DSC_2271Deep Dish mecca: Gino’s East. Delicious and way. too. filling.DSC_2278Another view from the top of the 2 (2)The view from 2A little time at the 3 (4)We were lucky enough to take in a Cubs game. My Buccos (aka the Pittsburgh Pirates) lost, but it congrats to the home team for taking home the 5 (3)View from the women’s restroom at the top of the Hancock. You can either pay an $18 admission fee or go up for a $16 cocktail. Obviously I chose the cocktail.

My love and I spent the 4th of July weekend in Chicago. We were in town visiting friends and got the perfect blend of tourist time+quality time with friends. This was the husband’s first trip to this wonderful city, so we ate lots (hot dogs and deep-dish, the BEST cinnamon roll of my life at Ann Sathers, and a great boozy, iced coffee at The Little Goat), and did the regular tourist stops (the Bean, Millenium Park, top of the Hancock for drinks, etc). We both spent the weekend talking about how we wouldn’t mind living in Chicago, and how cool it is to see a major city sit RIGHT on the water. Even though Lake Michigan isn’t an ocean, it certainly looks like one sometimes. We’re officially jealous of all of you who live in Chi-town. Just let me know if the winters are as bad as they sound ;)



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