5 on Friday: I got my Fix!

ONE: I got my first Fix!! What is Stitch Fix? It’s your own personal stylist sent right to your door. It’s $20 to sign-up, but you’ll get that back if you purchase even one item. Other than that, the cost is just the cost of the item(s) you keep! You fill out a style-questionnaire, some little Fashion Angel picks out some clothes for you, and then mails them (via FedEx) right to your door. Stitch Fix CollageI LOVED it. I’ve always wanted a personal stylist and now I have one. A really good one at that. Every. single. item. is something I would have picked out for myself. Not all of them were keepers this time, but I can’t wait for my next Fix! Before we get too much further, I need to apologize for the poor quality iphone photos. I’ll practice my self-photoshoots for next time!

StitchFix Cards CollageTWO: A stylist AND style guides. You get everything in a nice box. One of my favorite parts was that all the clothes items came with outfit suggestions. 

Cardigan and Necklace CollageTHREE: My first “outfit” was this white cardigan (which I paired with a simple black cami) and this beautiful turquoise bubble necklace. I loved both of them a lot–so much that I actually already had a cardigan very similar to this one but in gray. I loved the bubble necklace too, but since summer is ending, I was on the fence about it. Jeans and Striped Shirt CollageFOUR: The next Fix were these Kenzie jeans and the striped sweater. The Kenzie jeans were SO comfortable. Unfortunately, I’ve already got a pair of dark skinnies, so it didn’t make sense to keep these. The striped sweater was a nice summer to fall transition piece, but it was a little small and too much of a crop top for my liking. What do you think? Dress CollageFIVE: Horizontal stripes are always a scary thing, but I love me a good maxi dress, so I tried to keep an open mind. The black sides were actually quite slimming. The front hugs my tummy/belly/pooch a little more than I’d like, but when the hubs walked in and said he loved the dress, I decided that insecurity didn’t matter so much. The price, on the other hand, did. I really did love everything in this Fix. My stylist did a great job and seems to really get my style already. When I was trying the clothes on, I didn’t look at price until the end so that my decision would be based on fit, comfort, and appeal.  This time around I decided to keep the dress (though you don’t have to keep anything). The hub’s face when he saw me in this made the purchase more than worth it. And now I have something to wear for the wedding we’re headed to this weekend! All the other items, I sent back in a pre-packaged bag via USPS. So easy, so fun. Thank you Fashion Angel! Go get YOUR Fix on!



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