Richmond Road Trip

Oh Monday…

We were in upstate New York this weekend for a wedding, and I’ll post about that soon. For now, I’m going to re-live our trip home to Richmond last weekend. 

RichmondI hadn’t been back to Richmond since I moved in October (and now it’s practically August, but I digress). We wanted to spend some time with my family, see some friends, and try at least one new restaurant.  

Mission Accomplished!

Tulips from mommaMomma bought me my favorite flowers for our visit! They were a welcome sight after our late-night drive. Saturday we spent all day lounging by the pool and enjoyed a crab feast for dinner. Sunday, we walked around one of my favorite neighborhoods (Churchill), ate at Proper Pie Co. for lunch, and then went and walked the James River to look at all the mural art.

ChurchillEats and Proper Pie Map at Proper PieJames River Walk Art James River Walk Art 2Richmond Myrtles CollageIt was glorious! How was YOUR weekend?



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