You can go your own way

photo 5If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve already seen this picture. I apologize for duplicating, but it’s my StitchFix keeper and got rave reviews! We were in upstate NY this past weekend to attend a wedding. Since lots of bloggers participate in Wedding Wednesdays, I decided the wedding was an appropriate topic for today. Here’s what  I loved about it–

It was different. They did the cocktail hour, then dinner, THEN the ceremony. Everyone had cocktails in hand and bellies full by the time the actual wedding happened. 

The dinner was an 8 course, family-style Italian dinner. Delicious. And the bread to start the meal? Probably the best sourdough I’ve ever had. Thanks Taste!

Because the ceremony was essentially last, it was held on the rooftop as the sun set and the stars started to shine. SO beautiful.

Rooftop viewvia

After the ceremony they had a dessert bar. And since it was an Italian wedding, you know there were cannolis. I only got to eat one before the husband cut me off.  Before you get angry at him for not letting a girl enjoy her dessert, he did it for good reason.

After the dessert buffet, the groom’s father invited all the guests back to his house for a pig roast, lasagna, meatballs, deli sandwiches, and other fun, yummy Italian food.

That’s one wedding, 2 multiple course meals, and an awesome dessert bar. Plus a beautiful rooftop ceremony hours after your first cocktail. Just a reminder you can be nontraditional while still being traditional (the ceremony was catholic, etc).

How was your wedding different or how will it be different?




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