Saratoga Race Track


DSC_2288Saratoga CollageJockeys are so little (bottom right). That’s my brother in-law next to one. For perspective, my brother in-law is probably 5’9 and 190 pounds…

ImageYou can bring your own cocktails to the race track. Amazing.

DSC_2242ImageLike mother, like son. Picking their winners.


DSC_2299DSC_2312The winner in the winner’s circle.

Have you ever been to the race track? I’ve been lucky enough to go to 2/3 Triple Crown races (Preakness and Belmont– I’m coming for ya Kentucky Derby!). Saratoga is in upstate New York. Traverse Stakes is its biggest race (at the end of August). It’s not a Triple Crown race, but it’s still a big one. Saratoga is also one of the more historic tracks in the country. It’s celebrating its 150th anniversary this year. What I love most is that the crowd is so diverse. You have the wealthy, like Bill Parcels, who was there this past weekend…DSC_2319See gold jacket.

…But you also have common folk, like us, who pay the general admission fee ($3) and bring our own cooler of food and drinks (alcohol too!). It’s really fun, even if you’re not the betting type. I place a lot of $1-$2 Win Place Show and Exacta Box bets. They are pretty safe. You won’t win a lot of money, but you can generally win your betting money back. I call that a win. This go-round, I didn’t win a single bet, but the hubs made up for my losses. I could go on and on about the history and the atmosphere, but really, you should just go. It’s fun. :)




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