Life investments

Growlersvia Growlers was a new bar I tried this weekend. While the drink menu was pretty standard, I appreciated that it was a nice bar, while still being very unpretentious. They are a sports bar, mixed with a living room, mixed with a dive bar. I loved it.

I spent this weekend doing things around my city. Saturday morning I met some friends for brunch, Saturday evening I was invited to a potluck dinner with new friends, and then I was invited out for a girls night with another friend. Sunday, I went out to the ‘burbs to visit more friends and spend some quality time with them, poolside. Between the potluck dinner and the girls’ night on Saturday, I met 7 new fabulous ladies. It’s really easy to get comfortable in my new abode with my beau, but it was also really refreshing to go out, be social, and make new friends. It felt like I was investing in my life in Philadelphia.

Which brings me to another point– in exchange for these weekend activities, I bailed on a trip down to DC to see friends from college. I felt guilty about it all weekend– like I was being a bad friend. There were various reasons why I couldn’t actually make it down to DC, but I still felt like I was failing as a friend. At the same time, I’m still new to Philly– still looking for those close girlfriends. And it felt really nice to step out of my comfort zone. There’s no real point to this post, other than it’s hard trying to balance old relationships with new ones. But I am excited about all the new people coming into my life, and so very thankful for the ones that are already here. :)


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