Dear Dad

Today was the first day I had to do the popular “put your iPhone in rice” trick. I didn’t drop it in water. I did, however, walk through a monsoon this morning in a jacket that wasn’t as water-proof as it claimed to be. So far, about 10 hours after the accident, I’ve decided I can definitely live without the phone. What I can’t live without? Instagram and my iPhone camera!  I love my big girl camera, but you can’t carry it around all. the. time. Fingers crossed this rice thing works.

In other news, a friend shared a great article with me today. It talks about a father’s outlook on sex for his daughter. It’s hopeful and positive and strong and a totally refreshing perspective. You can check it out here.

And because this post needs some photos– thanks Dad, for all of your love and support throughout the years. I love you! These are for you.

20130527_18_32_38 20130527_19_47_19 20130527_19_48_26 20130527_19_48_27 20130527_19_48_30 20130527_22_22_31 20130527_22_23_54 20130527_22_24_51-4All photos by Sam Hurd.

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