Blogtember: Three Months

I’ll be linking up with Jenni this month for her Blogtember series. Today’s prompt: If you could take three months off from your current life and do anything in the world, what would you do?

I didn’t even have to think twice about this one. It’s probably not any different from most other people’s wishes. BUT, if I had three months off I’d travel. I’d buy an around-the-world ticket, and off I’d go. My itinerary would look something like this (Please note, all images are sourced within the words of the document):

The western US and Canada for some hiking and the great outdoors. 
grand-tetonsGrand Tetons


Yellowstone National Park banff-alberta-train-travelBanff National Park (Alberta, Canada) 

I’d then head over to Asia, but this is where it gets tricky. Normally with around-the-world tickets, you can’t back track. So how do you get between all of the little islands and big lang masses without backtracking? Maybe it’s easier than it looks? I guess I’d stop first somewhere in the South Pacific…French Polynesia, Cook Islands, Fiji…they all kind of look the same, but that’s not a bad thing, since they all look like thiscook_islands South Pacific. Then I’d hit up New Zealand for more hikingwine-tasting, and kayaking.

Lake Tekapo, New Zealand wine tasting NZ banff-alberta-train-travelDepending on how I’m doing on time, I might limit myself to just the South Island of New Zealand. Then I’d jet over to Australia and cover as much of the country as I could– including the outback. Sydney_Australia Uluru-Australia Sydney and Uluru  I’d rest my soul and renew my spirit and energy in Bali’s rice fields. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThen head to Vietnam and Cambodia for culture and delicious food. Vietnam-South_2 Angkor Wat before sunset, Cambodia.In Thailand I’d mix culture with relaxationthailand-buddha-temple phi-phi-thailandOne of the most challenging yet most rewarding parts of my 3-month journey would be NepalnepalI’d put fears aside and hike to Mt. Everest’s base camp. 2-everest-base-campIt’s important to do things that scare you, right? India and the Taj Mahal would be next. college-abroad-taj-mahal-india-mainA few weeks in the Seychelles may be needed after all of this traveling. SeychellesI’d make a stop in Ethiopia just to re-visit one of my most favorite places on earth.  I’d go hiking and refuel on amazing food. Simien Mountains, Ethiopia. ethiopianfoodAnd then I would head back home.Philadelphia - LOVE 1

What would YOU do for three months?

13 thoughts on “Blogtember: Three Months

  1. Ha, ok, I think you might be going even more places than I am in my 3 months :) But, I think you’re right. I definitely screwed up by leaving out Seychelles!

  2. I’d do world travel too. But, I’d go on a world cruise. They take a little over 4 months and you cruise the whole way stopping off in ports around the world. It would be nice to have the luxury and eat amazing food and relax while seeing the world.

  3. You picked great destinations!
    I would like to visit Canada and really take my time exploring the country.
    Somehow i was always interested, but never had the chance to fly over there. Hope one day……

    Greetings from Germany.
    Found you through Blogtember linkup.

  4. this sounds like an amazing trip! Seriously you’ve got it all thought out!! I hope you get to do that one day!!

    P.S. I just wanted to Thank you for your comment on my blog. I had no idea DC had Cherry Blossom Trees!

  5. Sounds like an incredibly busy 3 months! You’ll need another holiday after all that travel. :) Oh, and Bali is just gorgeous! You may never want to leave. I went there in June with my mother and she practically had to drag me to the airport. Haha!

    • Toni I loved your idea of donating or volunteering for 3 months! Maybe on my selfish 3 month tour of the world, I could stop every once in awhile and volunteer as well? Thanks for saying hi! And if/when I make it to Bali, I’ll get in touch for recommendations :)

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