Blogtember AND 5 on Friday: Not all fixed up

1. I got my second fix!  Unfortunately, it was not nearly as successful as the first. The main issue this time around was the “fit” of everything– either too big or too small. I took pictures of the two items I could actually fit into, but then accidentally deleted all but one of the photos. #bloggerfail The blue skirt was cute but just a bit too long and too big for my short frame. I thought the polka dots were really fun though. DSC_2270 (2)

2. I found this really interesting article about Time Magazine and its choice of covers depending on its market. I try to be a well-read citizen who remains fairly up to date on current events. But is the mainstream media dumbing me down?

3. I’m normally a SYTYCD (So You Think You Can Dance) fiend, but I had such a hard time getting into this season. All of the girls looked alike to me. I liked the big teddy bear looking tapper, but the fact that I can’t remember his name is not a good sign. Anyone else? What was I missing?

4. Heading to Albany this weekend. We’re throwing my in-laws a SURPRISE anniversary party. We can’t get there until 530pm and the surprise is supposed to be at 7. We’re in charge of food and drinks and decorations. Talk about cutting it close. I’m also not convinced my in-laws don’t know what we’re up to. Anyway, if they are still in the dark, it’s a good thing they don’t read this blog! ;) Wish us luck!

And since I’ve been linking up with Jenni for Blogtemer, today’s prompt is: A story about a time you were very afraid.

5. So when was I afraid? How about right now! I’m afraid that I’ll never have a great StitchFix style like my first fix ever again. That SYTYCD is on it’s way out. And that the surprise party will be a disaster and the surprise itself will be ruined. #firstworldproblems

Have a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “Blogtember AND 5 on Friday: Not all fixed up

  1. SYTYCD did get a little wacky with the girls this year – I agree that most of them looked alike. But I think Amy was a show stealer and Fik-Shun proved that sometimes crumpers CAN actually dance other genres and be half-way decent, which wasn’t the case with Russell (worst #1 ever). And you’re thinking of Aaron, the tapper :)

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