Shop til you drop

I’ll be linking up with Jenni this month for her Blogtember series. Today’s prompt: Share links to your favorite online shops, preferably with a few photos of your favorite items in each shop.

Straight and to the point today. Enjoy!

The Bauble Department is a new find of mine, but I love the girlishness and simplicity of her jewelry. She’s about to head out on a sailing adventure, so go get to know Allison here..AFTER you shop her store:

BaubleDept1Mint green adventure gemstone: $68BaubleDept2Sterling silver aqua quartz bracelet: $39

Then there’s Anita, my Philadelphia girl. I’d be happy with anything and everything from her Etsy shop, TexturedINK. Especially all of the travel-related stuff.

TexturedINK2This customizable world map to mark our travels? Yes please. $30  TexturedINK1A set of 3 urban landscapes–how do I choose just 3!?! $47 TexturedINK3 I couldn’t have said it better myself: $26

Another favorite shop is AlbieDesigns. I love her quirky and fun take on urban landscapes.

AlbieDesigns1This Richmond, VA one has always been one of my favorites. $30 AlbieDesigns2 The husband and I got engaged in Florence, Italy, so this one always makes me smile too: $35

This shop is always all over the blogosphere, but the prints just scream happiness and fun!

Wheatfield1You are loved. $18 Wheatfield2 And this one reminds me of my favorite childhood toy, a Lite-Brite: $30

ArtMod offers textured, bold paintings that always draw me in. They are loud and somewhat opposite of my personality and usual taste, but I love them.  Wild Poppies: $295

ArtMod1 ArtMod2 Pink blossoms: $295

Finally, don’t these robes from JustCottons look like the most fun and comfortable things ever? They’d be great for yourself, a nursing or pregnant mother, or an entire wedding party! JustCottons2 JustCottons1 JustCottons3That’s my round up of shops I love! Ready, set, shop!

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