20130509_16_55_11-2From the top of the Rocky steps with the Philly skyline behind us. Photo credit to Sam Hurd.

I haven’t had a chance to post anything about Philly yet. Please know my lack of blog posts on Philly means nothing. I have absolutely fallen in love with this city. For four years, the hubs and I were long distance. All those years, I hated Philadelphia and dreaded the day I’d have to move here. That day came and went, and now I am happily eating and drinking my way through this city. Here’s a lit of some of my favorite so far:

Ants Pants Cafe

Audrey Claire (BYO)

Federal Donuts

Franklin Mortgage Company

Han Dynasty

Mama Palma’s (BYO)



Percy’s BBQ

Revolution House



Wishing Well

p.s. Ethiopian food is my favorite, unfortunately this city lacks in Ethiopian restaurants. I’ve tried two of the four that exist (none of them have websites), and will report back on my favorite once I’ve picked one.

p.p.s. Philly is somewhat known for their BYOs (Bring Your Own) restaurants. They are generally Italian and amazing. It always fun when you can bring your own wine/beer/vodka/tequila. I’ll mark restaurants as BYO where appropriate.


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